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In prehistoric times the enthusiasm of stories was the way to survive. Through the ages stories are the binding factor to convey feelings, to imagine and to achieve anything. Imagination is an indispensable factor for humanity to move forward. Imagination is an indispensable factor for humanity to move forward. Albert Einstein: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’ 

Cucka Luhr - Storyboard

Cucka Luhr combines the unlimited power of imagination and storytelling with the unique capabilities of the Internet to bring people together, let them work together and put them into action.

Both ' fans ' and companies can tell stories with images (photos and videos), words, maps, podcasts, links, etc. And what fun is: it is so simple to use that also elderly people, with little computer experience, can tell their stories (visual) and share tem with others.

Cucka Luhr - Storyboard

The story modules (Storyboard) are easy to adapt to the required functionality and build in the existing websites of companies (including the look and feel of course). With this tool both organizations and their fans, customers, visitors can tell stories with images.

Cucka Luhr - Storyboard - Drupal

* Based on and working with Drupal WebContentManagement systeem

Cucka Luhr Digital Storytelling