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Community Marketing (CM)

The Community Manager is an  increasingly important job for organizations. From interested people to customers; they are talking about the mission and passion of an organization and why according to them that is important. Organizations can make use of the recommendations of enthusiastic promoters, people who support an organization in many ways. In other cases can be interfered if negative messages about the organization doing the rounds.

Community Management is more and more sience. Do you have the data to answer important questions about how fit the community is?

  • What is the grows percentage (members, discussions, etc.)?
  • Are members really engaged?
  • Is the Return on Investment (ROI) of the community going upwards?

Promoting 'talk-about', 'talk-with' and to manage that quite well is an indispensable factor. Many organizations don’t realize that: a missed opportunity!

Cucka Luhr - Communities Marketing

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Encouraging contact, talking with enthusiastic supporters, responding to questions and participate in discussions: those are the basic tasks of the community manager. Cucka Luhr helps you to professionalize your organization and to make your environment just as enthusiastic as you are yourself. And that we call: Community marketing.

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